The semicircular ring of canals in Amsterdam

is part of that long reclamation history, with the major ones constructed in the 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age. The project involved extending the city in places, by draining the swampland, filling in the land between the canals and diking low-lying areas. As elsewhere in the country, parts of Amsterdam are below sea level. This extension of the city was primarily planned to house more of the growing population. The canals today retain the historic buildings along their shores, making them an excellent sightseeing opportunity. They are easily accessed from many a city hotel, Amsterdam, so why not pay some of them a visit? Singel This is Amsterdam's oldest major canal. Until 1585 it was the city's moat; it is now the innermost canal in the semicircular ring of canals. Herengracht Herengracht (Particians' Canal) is the first of the three major canals built in the 17th century project. It is named for the regenten rulers of the Dutch Republic at that time. KeizersgrachZ Keizersgracht (Emperor's Canal) is the second of the 17th century canals, and the widest. It is named for Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor.

Prinsengracht Prinsengracht (Prince's Canal) is the third of the 17th century canals, and the longest. It is named for the Prince of Orange. Among its many sights to entice guests from their city hotel, Amsterdam's famous Anne Frank House can be found along the Prinsengracht. The canals of Amsterdam have earned it the name 'Venice of the North', and rightly so, for they showcase some of the city's best historical beauty. Only a short distance from many a city hotel, Amsterdam, they are well worth investigating.


“Anne Frank House - Unfolding The Emotional and Heart-warming Pages Of History.”

The Anne Frank House is actually a historic house of a Jewish-German diarist Anne Frank

A visit to this biographical museum gives an opportunity to the visitors to sight the locations where this young teenage girl, her family members along with few others locked themselves in virtual silence during World War II for almost 2 years. The museum has number of exhibits that detail about the condition and situation of the people hidden there. Most of the exhibits out there profile the importance of democracy and freedom. The listings briefed below highlight the various exhibits of the Anne Frank House. The Hiding Place

The Hiding places lies in an empty part of the building that was owned by the company where Otto Frank- Father of Anne Frank was employed. This section has a movable bookcase. The backside of the bookcase paves way to the Secret Annex, where the Frank family and others lived hidden for so long. This place is even more special because it is where Anne Frank wrote her diary. The Diary Room This room exhibits the red checked diary of Anne Frank in which she documented her family’s struggle and about her relationships with others during the period. The Favorite Quotes Notebook’ and the Tales Book’ of Anne are other assets that are on display in this section.

Reflections on Anne Frank This exhibition area highlights the thoughts that 22 writers, museum visitors, actors including a few others who knew Anne have about her. Even there is a digital guestbook where the visitors can write about what they think of Anne Frank. Anne’s Roommate- Fritz Pfeffer This section in the Anne Frank House details about Mr. Dussel’, that was the oldest person of the 8 people who were hiding in Secret Annexe. Anne has roughly written about him in her diary. The exhibits that are displayed here include the photographs, personal papers and interviews that portray the life of Fritz Pfeffer.

“Get Your Tickets For the Emotional Visit To History! Anne Frank dreamt of being a famous writer. Amazingly, the heart-warming words of her diary kept her alive even after her death. The pages of her diary have made her world famous. Even today, the story of her life makes a deep impression on the lives of many out there.”

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